Miss Tracey encourages one of her gymnasts

Our Approach

At Blake's we teach the child, not the class. We know each child learns at a different pace and way. Our method helps each child be successful at their own pace.

Our Story

Tracey Blake started Blake's Gymnastics just over 30 years ago. She spent her childhood in the gym and continued her gymnastic career in college. At Indiana University Tracey achieved Level 10 status and set many records. Today she shares her passion for gymnastics and movement with her students.

Meet the Team

Tracey strives to hire coaches that are just as committed to teaching the students.

Tracey Blake

Tracey Blake

Owner & Coach

Tracey has a passion for teaching children about gymnastics and fitness. She loves watching children grow and acheive skills.

Darrian Hudgins.

Darrian Hudgins

Certified  Athletic Trainer

Darrian has 25 years of experience specializing in fitness and
boxing. He is also a strength and conditioning specialist
designing programs for sports teams and athletes at the
youth, amateur and professional level.

Next Steps...

If you would like to learn more about Blake's Gymnastics please call, 609-383-9594, or stop in to talk about how Blake's can benefit your child.