Parkour/Ninja Warrior at Blake’s Gymnastics is taught by qualified coaches. This fun and disciplined form of acrobatics is a great way to get boys up and moving. The art of Parkour is about getting from place to place in the most efficient way possible. In the class they will learn how to do Parkour safely and wisely. The students will learn their physically capabilities and when to say ‘no’.

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*Parkour is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one’s path by adapting one’s movements to the environment.

  • Parkour requires… consistent, disciplined training with an emphasis on functional strength, physical conditioning, balance, creativity, fluidity, control, precision, spatial awareness, and looking beyond the traditional use of objects.
  • Parkour movements typically include… running, jumping, vaulting, climbing, balancing, and quadrupedal movement. Movements from other physical disciplines are often incorporated, but acrobatics or tricking alone do not constitute parkour.
  • Parkour training focuses on… safety, longevity, personal responsibility, and self-improvement. It discourages reckless behavior, showing off, and dangerous stunts.
  • Parkour practitioners value… community, humility, positive collaboration, sharing of knowledge, and the importance of play in human life, while demonstrating respect for all people, places, and spaces.*Courtesy of American Parkour